Every day the sun showers the earth with its radiant energy which gives us the absolute necessity of life – "food".
The same energy is used to dehydrate the food products which reduces its moisture content and enriches the taste.

Our Story

“It all began at my father in law;  Dr. Suhas Nandurdikar’s native place Jalgaon, a small town in Maharashtra. We were enjoying our Sunday morning chilling at a farm, where we saw some fruits & vegetables drying in the sun. Intrigued, I asked the field workers why they were drying out in the sun. And they said it was just for regular domestic consumption. This instantly took me back to all that I had read and studied about how our ancestors used the process of sun drying to enhance the quality of farm produce. It made me wonder how this marvellous indigenous science has been forgotten by most of us. It simply doesn’t have a place in the urban lifestyle. So I started thinking about how I could bring this science back in vogue and use it as part of a chemical-free, organic process that delivers comfort, convenience and nutrition to the people of India. S oon, more people joined me on my journey and we worked together on this philosophy that formed the basis of NIHKAN.” 

 – Kanika Nandurdikar 

Our Process

Harnessing the power of the sun to aid in drying food products is not only the best planet friendly method but also the most time-honoured method that has been used for centuries.

At NihKan, all our products are carefully selected from farms and handled at a state of the art ISO 22000 certified – “Sun Dehydration facility” without any application of chemical & electronic processes. This preserves the naturality of the original farm produce and the high energy activation caused by sun rays enhances its aroma and flavour too. Once the produce is dried, our detailed grinding process yields granular powdery naturally textured product with an amazingly rich taste and the promise of convenient cooking.”  

Our Mission

NihKan represents the confluence of age old traditional methods with modern lifestyle for CONVENIENCE, ORIGINAL TASTE & HEALTH.  Our core value is “Respect for Nature” in delivering “Solutions from Nature” in most effective , scientific and natural way. 

Our Vision

Being part of young creative team, we are always on the lookout for new ingredients to make consumer’s culinary journey more varied, convenient and enjoyable. In maintaining an eco-friendly supply chain, we only source responsibly grown produce, promote indigenous varieties and follow sustainable practices wherever possible. Our vision is that more and more food industries should go for Natural home grown preservative-free ingredients to deliver convenient foods to the end consumers.

Our Background

As a group (under name “Chemhouse Marketing” & “Brink Chemicals Pvt Ltd” ) we are in supply of innovative, futuristic & qualitative raw-materials to the Cosmetic & Personal Care, Pharmaceutical (Dermatology focused), Household, Industrial & Nutraceutical industry since 1999.  We are the preferred distribution partners for supply of novel ingredients & assistance in developing in world class cosmetics formulations for the Indian & Sub-Continent Market.

The group is founded by Dr. Suhas Nandurdikar. He is credited with establishing new technology oriented ingredient brands.  He is an active committee member of the ISCC (Indian society of cosmetic chemists) & OTAI (Oil technology association of India). 

NihKan  is part of same leadership team diversified into food industry vertical , founded by Ms. Kanika Nandurdikar in Jan’2020.

Meet our Team

Ms. Kanika Nandurdikar
(Founder & Social Marketeer)

Ms Nandurdikar is a Chartered Accountant by profession, with an experience of almost 15 years in various roles at top corporates like Infosys, HDFC Bank etc. Her corporate & personal life experiences formed the backbone of our brand NihKan. She has a passion for creating sustainable natural solutions and products to address modern living concerns & needs. She is a “foodie” who has an impeccable sense of taste & flavour, which we employ to great effect for crafting aroma-rich, flavourful organic powders.

Dr. Suhas Nandurdikar
(Chief Mentor)

He is a highly respected & award-winning Entrepreneur with multiple accolades across various industry & society platform. He has 30 plus years of experience across various industries with specialized focus on Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals & Wellness sectors. He is also an Innovation Expert with focus on new generation technologies for consumer products.

Mr. Shailendra Phalak
(Agricultural & Food Technologist)

He belongs to Jalgaon, which is Banana capital of India. He is an expert in using traditional agricultural techniques in combination with modern scientific knowledge for better & more natural products for consumers. He is a farmer at heart with strong application of diverse agricultural practices. Being from the Art of living family, he believes in delivering Indian agricultural products at the highest standard of quality & naturality.