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Is banana flour on track to become a core ingredient of every healthy kitchen?

What exactly is green banana flour? Allow us to explain.

What are the applications of Green Banana Flour in various industries and processes?

Green banana flour has become one of the most ‘in vogue’ foods in recent times. Its health benefits are well documented - it is gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, fibre-rich, and great for your heart and digestive system. Read more for a brief overview of these varied applications.

3 healthy, lip-smacking banana flour recipes you must absolutely try!​

Over the last few years, Green banana flour has gradually gained popularity in both domestic and commercial kitchens across the globe. And that shouldn’t surprise anybody, considering the well documented health benefits of the flour. Add to that the taste and texture of the flour and you have a winner on your hands! The taste and flavor of this flour are super important, as it incentivised the incorporation of green banana flour into a variety of cuisines and dishes. Eventually, we now have hundreds of dishes, where banana flour is used as a main ingredient (or as a substitute of a main ingredient), that have become healthier to eat while retaining their amazing taste.