Sprouted Foods:

A High Potential Food Ingredient:

  • Seeds, beans and grains all have a natural protective coating which helps them endure the rigours of nature BUT that makes them hard to digest.
  • The sprouting process removes the natural barrier and activates starch, protein and lipid degrading enzymes that pre-digest a grain, seed or pulse.
  • The seed/grain uses dense protein and complex carbohydrates to grow, converting them to simpler amino acid and glucose molecules.
  • Sprouting does not remove gluten but the sprouting process may aid in their digestibility and flavour enjoyment.
  • The Sprouting process also reduces phytic acid (which inhibits our digestive systems absorption of the nutrients)Eg. chickpeas sprouted for 48 hours showed a 67% decrease in phytic acid- resulting in increased bio-availability of nutrients

The Process:

Seeds and grains are soaked and sprouted according to the highest food safety standard in a hygenic environment ensuring that there is no microbial contamination. This ensures sprouts of the highest quality. The Sprouts thus activated are now supercharged with all the nutrients contained naturally in the raw ingredients.

The sprouts – now powerhouses of nutrition, are then dehydrated in our facility using SCD technology (Solar Conduction dryer) Dehydration preserves the nutritional quality, the resulting sprouts are then packaged ready for shipment.

Last, but definitely not least, our systems are designed to be sustainable and best in class.

Major advantages of Dehydrated Sprouts:

  • Suppression of anti-nutrient – whole grains, seeds and beans are a good source of nutrition but in their natural form that contain phytic acid, an enzyme which inhibits our digestive systems from full absorbing the seeds nutrients. The sprouting process reduces the phytic acid content dramatically.  Sprouting converts the nutrients which are already in the seed into a more bio-available form for our bodies.
  • Increased Nutrient Content: The little germinated seeds are regarded as nutritional powerhouses due to their high vitamin and mineral content. They are low in calories, rich in protein, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese and vitamins C and K.
  • Great Source of Vegetarian Protein – Eating Sprouted pulses gives you approx 30% protein per 100gm 
  • Saves your time & Super convenient – Ready Dehydrated Sprouts saves your time of sprouting of 2-3 days and gives you convenience of instant cooking.
  • Delicious Texture – sprouted grains, seeds and beans have a wonderful crunch which can be a delicious addition to any meal. Add at the last minute to preserve texture; sauté in a little oil or boil for 5 – 10 mins maximum.
  • Improve the nutrient content of your meals– sprouted food is a rich source of anti-oxidants; sprouting transforms its nutrient profile and increases bio-availability. Easy to add to your dishes and cooking the sprouts lightly makes nutrients more accessible to the body.
  • Ancient Practice – safe and sure sprouted foods have been with us since ancient times.
  • World-wide reach – evidence of soaking and sprouting has been found in diverse cultures across the world. Sprouting is resurging as food prepared in a slow, thoughtful manner – traditional ways appeal.

NIHKAN Dehydrated Sprouts

Mung Beans

Instant Super food meal made from Sprouted Mung beans (Moong beans).

Super 7 Grain Mix

Instant Super food meal made from Sprouted Mung beans, Moth beans, Red Lentil, Black eyed beans, Horse gram, Alfalfa, Finger Millet