Ginger Powder – Pure & Natural – 75 gm

NihKan’s sun-dehydrated Ginger powder is made from premium quality pure Gingers. It is in super concentrated form and differs from other dry sunth powders because of presence of essential oil in it. Sun dehydration is a 100% natural process which removes the moisture content from the product, retains its nutritional value & enhances the taste. Use preservative-free NihKan Ginger powder to make fresh ready to use Ginger-Garlic paste and avoid using ready-made pastes available in market which contains bulking agents , preservative and adulterations. 


The Chemistry of Ginger:

Among all of the compounds in ginger, essential oils play an important role in improving consumers’ mood. The benefits of ginger essential oils include offering a warm, spicy aroma which promotes feeling of physical well-being, and helps improve body blood circulation. It is a frequent addition to blends for massage, arthritis and muscle aches and pains. Ginger oil is commonly used to soothe, comfort and balance digestive discomfort. The use of ginger is growing in the pharmaceutical area. It is considered as herbal medicine with strong health benefits.

Ginger is used as a main ingredient in many products throughout the world. Due to the strong pungent flavour of fresh ginger root, fresh ginger is normally dried, and used to produce ginger powder, which makes the spicy flavour little weaker to be able to use in soup, meat, vegetable, seafood, pickle, curries, drinks and bakery. Dried ginger significantly lowers the cost of transporting and storing. The method used in drying the ginger to make ginger powder plays a significant role on the chemical properties of ginger.

NihKan’s time honoured traditional sun dehydration method performed in scientific way caters to the favourable lower drying temperatures  which helps in retaining the nutritional contents and essential oil in the dehydrated ginger powder.


  • Flavour – Warm Sweet pungent taste with essential Oils
  • Smell – Strong Aroma
  • Texture – Fine particles powdery
  • Color – Natural brown
  • Shelf Life – 18 months

Super Concentrated : Half teaspoon equals one tablespoon of fresh grated Ginger. 


Know More about Just Ginger :

  • It is 100% Natural, with no added preservatives or chemicals.
  • An excellent replacement for fresh Gingers as well as Ginger paste.
  • Ready to use for all kinds of cooking without the hassle of peeling or cutting.
  • Can be used in daily cooking to flavour curries, chutneys, masala tea etc.
  • Can be used solo, or combined with other NihKan products to offer a deeply satisfying home-cooking.
  • It’s rich nutrients and antioxidants make it ideal for direct consumption as well.
  • Gone are the days when you want that fresh ginger taste in the tea when you are travelling . Just carry Just Ginger and enjoy your cup of ginger tea anywhere.
  • The sun dehydrated food powders have longer shelf life. So, you can store them easily in air-tight pack or container in a cool & dry place.
  • Do not use wet spoon to handle.
  • Enjoy healthy living & happy cooking.


Directions of Use: 

For Dry/Gravy preparations –  Mix powder in just a little water to form a smooth paste. Add to your main preparation.

For Tea/Chutneys/Dips/Salads/Marinades– Add the powder directly as required.


Ginger Powder Recipes :

If you’re looking for ideas on how to use Just Ginger, here are some recipes for your reference.

Make your own “Ready to Use” Tea masala or use as marinades for your barbeques.

Ginger Tea