NIHKAN Super Legumes Mix – 100% Naturally Sprouted Flour

High in Plant Protein & Fiber

Gluten free, Vegan & 100% Plant Based

Nihkan’s Super Legumes Mix flour is a blend of 7 lentils & beans which are highly nutritious & a source of high protein in your diet – Chickpea, Brown chickpea, Mung bean, Moth Bean, Black eyed pea, Red Lentil & Horse Gram.

You can directly use the Nihkan’s Super Legumes Mix flour or mix with any other flour to make healthy & fiber rich Protein flour. It can be used in a variety of recipes like porridges, crepes, pancakes, bread mixes, cake mixes, falafels, Indian chapatis, cheelas, dosas etc to provide a balanced wholesome meal.



Sprouting is a process where seeds & grains when soaked in water for a certain period of time, germinate, and put out shoots activating all the nutrients. The sprouts are then dehydrated using Solar conduction drying technology which enhances absorption of Vitamins, Minerals, proteins & enzymes. The dehydrated sprouts are then milled into flour. Nihkan’s Super Legumes Mix flour is a blend of 7 lentils & beans which are highly nutritious & a source of high protein in your diet.

NIHKAN Super Legumes mix is a blend of 100% Sprouted Super Food Lentils:

  • Sprouted Mung Beans (Moong Bean) :Moong beans is rich in vitamins E, C, A & k, proteins (Globulin and Albumin), etc. Eating moong beans may improve heart health. It may help control blood pressure.
  • Sprouted Moth Bean :Moth bean, a short-day crop, is one of the most drought-resistant pulses in India. The flour of the bean is used for making another savoury snacks.
  • Sprouted Chickpeas: Chickpeas are rich in iron, fiber, proteins, and calcium. Eating them regularly in form of any recipe may improve brain health. May help with iron deficiency. Chickpea breads are famous for its high protein content.
  • Sprouted Brown Chickpeas: They taste like nuts and have a buttery texture. Therefore they also make a fantastic light snack to curb unwanted hunger pangs. Its flour can be used in lot of baking recipes
  • Sprouted Red Lentils : Masoor dal is highly nutritious and easy to cook.It is rich in magnesium, protein, and calcium.
  • Sprouted Horsegram : It’s one of the most protein-rich lentils found on the planet. Great for kidney and gallbladder stones. It might help boost liver health.
  • Sprouted Black eyed Pea :Black-eyed peas are a type of legume that contain many nutrients, including vitamin A, folate, and manganese. They also contain high amounts of fiber, which can aid digestion and feed beneficial gut bacteria


Key Highlights :

  • NUTRITION : Multi Lentils mix flour is loaded with High Protein & Fibre. This flour can be included in the everyday diet. 24% Protein per 100 gm
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Sprouting of grains releases the locked nutrients and makes it a power packed meal, also it is easier to digest & allows for greater absorption of nutrients. Increased bioavailability of nutrients
  • LOW IN FAT & CONTAINS GOOD CARBS : Sprouting makes the grains lighter and hence the sprouted flours are low in fat & contains good carbs which can be consumed as a replacement of refined flours.
  • 100% NATURAL: 100% natural sprouted & processed without any added preservatives or artificial flavours
  • DIET TYPE: Gluten Free, Vegan & 100% PLANT BASED
  • COOKING: Make this nutrition-dense and energy-rich wholesome flour that can be used to make a variety of breakfast/dinner/ recipes like porridge, crepes, pancakes, breads, cakes & desserts
  • STORAGE: NihKan’s Sprouted Legumes Flour comes in a zip lock pouch which is easily resealable. We recommend you to store in a in a clean, cool and dry place and keep away from direct sunlight.
  • SHELF  LIFE – 12 months. After opening 3 months.
  • ANCIENT PRACTICE & SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS: NIHKAN brings ancient cultural practices alive and narrows the gap between modern food choices and traditional preparation techniques with sustainability.
Weight N/A

454 g