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Cheers to Womanhood!


Cheers to Womanhood!

Women are backbone of every society. We should acknowledge and respect her for her selflessness. We always see that the women of our homes are always taking care of others, she looks after everyone’s health. But she forgets to love herself. She gives in so much for the people she loves. She forgets to take out time for herself, and in that process her health and wellbeing takes a backseat. A women should start taking care of her own self and her health. Because good health makes great women.

Here’s how can a woman take better care of her health:

Take care of the diet

Women have a tendency to take care of the dietary needs of their loved ones. But often deprive themselves of the nutrition that their bodies need. The fact is women are inclined to certain illnesses such as anaemia, osteoporosis, obesity- and many more, this is because they often neglect their health.

Focussing on natural and whole foods such as fruits and vegetables, millets legumes, sprouts help. They will give you essential nutrients your body needs to function properly such as minerals, vitamins, protein and fibre.


Keep stress at bay

As a woman, we have to wear many caps – daughter, mother, wife or sister and you have to cater to the demands of the entire family. And no wonder stress levels tend to be high among women. It can cause many illnesses. That is why you should spend some time on yourself.  Do what you love, get yourself involved in activities that relax you such as reading, gardening, baking, playing a musical instrument etc. Breathing exercises and yoga is great to eliminate stress from your lives.  

Include Exercise in your daily schedule

Statistics show that more women are obese than men. The best way to keep your weight in control is by exercising. Simply half an hour of workout, five times a week can keep your body in proper shape and free from illnesses. One can pick from many forms of exercises that can help them in long run.

Always go in for routine check ups

Cases of breast, ovarian and cervical cancers have grown over a period of time. One can reduce the chances of contracting them by regular check-ups and screenings. Go for a mammogram once every year if you are in your 40s. Pap smear and transvaginal ultrasound can detect cervical and ovarian cancers. Keep an eye out for any unusual feeling or symptom. Seek help without delay. Remember precaution is better than cure.

Good sleep is the best medicine to many illness

Women are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety than men are. Sleep can enhance your sense of wellbeing and help ease depression, stress and all other mood disorders.  A healthy adult should sleep 7-9 hours a day. Sleep is a wonderful medicine that will do more than just elevate your mood. It will also heal your mind and body. When you sleep, your body repairs itself.

This Women’s Day, we should all make a promise, “do things at your own pace, as you are not running a race! Remember, the journey is more important than the destination!”

If you are racing at the cost of your happiness, health, family & stress then STOP. Your natural pace is what gives you the ultimate peace.

This women’s day we should ensure that the women in our lives are healthy and fit! Therefore, today’s blog is dedicated to every woman out there! We hope they’ll have the best days with their loved ones, filled with love and joy! They deserve it!


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