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  1. Increased prevalence of Coeliac disease – a chronic disease affecting people globally. Consumers with coeliac disease seek gluten-free products in their regular diet.
  2. Increased awareness on food allergies & gluten intolerance in kids right from early age requires consumers to look out for more healthy choice of food to be included in their diet.
  3. Educated people are shifting towards healthier diets with low carb, low gluten & low fat products.

Dehydrated foods have always been associated with convenience in the consumer segment but now there is a need to associate their health & nutrition. . NIHKAN products are super nutritious with amazing taste & no added flavours, chemicals & preservatives. They are combination of Taste, Health & Convenience.

Green Banana flour & Sprouted Grain Flours are produced using 100% natural & sustainable technology of Solar conduction drying (SCD) for dehydration. This gently dried process preserves the nutritional quality of produce. The use of Filtered water and Food safety measures ensures no microbial contamination.

The banana flour market is expected to register a CAGR 4.4% during the forecast period, 2020-2025. The green banana flour market is set to reach US$ 435.7 Mn by the end of 2021. The increasing demand for Gluten free & plant-based foods is also driving the purchase volume of green banana flour products. Its mild earthy flavour, high nutritional value and high levels of resistant starch makes it a versatile all-purpose flour which is seen by consumers as key advantage especially in regular baking needs.

  1. Digestive health and nutritional value are the two main critical factors driving the growth of free-from and natural food products . The sprouting process improves digestibility and allows for greater absorption of nutrients.
  2. Sprouted flours are particularly high in bio-available nutrients. The bio-availability of nutrients such as vitamin B, vitamin C, folate , additional amino acids and fibre is higher in the sprouted grain flour, whilst sprouted seed flours are a great source of Potassium, Calcium and Iron as well as being high in fibre and Omega 3 fatty acids.
  3. The increasing demand for plant based foods makes Sprouted legumes an affordable and natural vegetarian protein alternative to animal protein.
  1. The use of millets in infant food and nutrition products is increasing because it contains calcium, iron, and fibre that help fortify essential nutrients for children’s healthy growth. Millet is rich in vitamins A and B, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and manganese and has more protein than rice.
  2. The gluten-free property is expected to offer lucrative possibilities for the production of food products which are gluten-free and low GI. Millets are widely used in the preparation of popular dishes such as waffles, pasta, pizza, and sandwiches. Changing outlook to low cholesterol and fat-free alternatives and increasing awareness of healthy diets are boosting gluten-free demand for food.

The shelf life of all NIHKAN product range is 12 months & more. Yes, our products can be exported from India to different countries & territories. Please do contact us to know more on our distributor model.


  1. We are currently present in India on various e-commerce websites including Amazon & Flipkart & in few premium stores including Natures Basket.
  2. We are also present in UK on various e-commerce websites including Amazon & Ebay.

Currently English is been used as a single language on all NIHKAN product labels. We are soon launching multi-lingual packaging labels for expansion in different countries.

We are moving towards sustainability for better world and cleaner environment. Our packaging is fully recyclable in nature.

For Customers:

As it is a nutrient-rich food beneficial for health and well-being.

  1. High in Prebiotic Fibre
  2. Improves Digestive health
  3. Rich in Potassium & other essential nutrients
  4. Zero Fat & Zero cholesterol
  5. Balances Blood-Sugar Levels
  6. Can Help with Weight-Loss
  7. Neutral Earthy taste
  8. Great binder in Gluten free baking

Yes. If you are looking for complete gluten free baking, then you can use banana flour instead of all purpose flour. Also, you can mix green banana flour in proportion of 1:3 to your usual flour. The general rule of thumb is to use 30% LESS banana flour than suggested flour (i.e. 2/3 cup banana flour in place of every 1 cup of regular flour). Banana flour has a high starch content so you can use less flour than you’d normally use in everyday recipes.

Normal millet flour has poor shelf life due to its high fat content as well as lipase activity which causes rapid development of rancidity and bitterness.

As NIHKAN Millet flour is made using Dehydrated Sprouted grains, the fat % is reduced in process of sprouting and moisture content becomes less than 5%. This helps in maintaining the quality of flour & attaining the longer shelf life.

If you know the science of sprouting, then yes it is always recommended to make on your own & eat fresh. But you should ensure there is no bacterial growth in sprouts made at home or available in market. If the sprouts have moisture (little wet) and not refrigerated then bacterial growth can happen very fast making the sprouts unfit for consumption. NIHKAN Dehydrated sprouts gives you convenience of indulging in best quality sprouted grains with no fear of bacterial growth. So, you can save your time and enjoy better taste without any wastage.

NIHKAN Pancake & Waffle mIx is perfect for both sweet & savoury cravings, as it doesn’t contain any sugar or salt. It’s a unique combination of Green Banana flour with Millets to give a wholesome meal.

The existing Gluten free foods in the market segment are based on rice & lot of starches like tapioca, potato & maize. These foods does not give healthier choices to consumers in this segment. Our focus is on speciality nutritious ingredients like Millets, Pulses and High in resistant starch product like Green Banana flour which gives high protein & high fibre food choices in customers daily diet.

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