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Nihkan focusses on Global “Free-from-foods” market to include innovative products, which are free from allergens, have great taste and have necessary nutritional benefits too. There has been rising demand of Gluten free, Lactose free, Nut Free, Soy Free, 100% Plant based & Sustainable foods.

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Gluten-free & Plant Based flours made using ancient Indian speciality ingredients are ideal choice for people who are looking for healthier diet with complete nutrition. “Nutritious Flours make your food more Nutritious!”. These flours are very high in protein, higher fibre content, gives good texture, amazing taste & can be utilized for all purposes like baking cookies, breads, pizza base, pasta, healthy savouries, cereals, snacks, pancakes , Indian chapatis & more. Flours with high starch component can be used for thickening soups and sauces as well. So, indulge in these “Wholesome meal flours”.

With growing awareness of plant-based ingredients, people want to try a vegan lifestyle to improve their health, reduce animal suffering, and reduce the climate impact of industrial animal farming. Vegan diets tend to provide more fiber, antioxidants, and beneficial plant compounds. Veganuary, the global movement that encourages people to try vegan for 31 days in January’22, has officially launched in India

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Banana flour is a revolutionary type of Super-Food. This high-fiber flour is made from raw green bananas. Green bananas are peeled, chopped, gently dried using sun-dehydration methodology and then grounded into flour. The green banana process requires 8-10kg of raw green bananas to produce 1kg of banana flour. Our process ensures the highest quality, ethically produced, gluten free and vegan versatile and most of all highly nutritious flour. 

This amazing flour can replace any plain flour or self-raising flour in your recipes.  This product is very high in dietary fibre, rich in potassium and a source of resistant starch.

You can make pancakes, baby porridges, cookies, cakes, breads & more. To know more –

Green Banana Flour 

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Try NIHKAN Green Banana flour Products

NIHKAN Green Banana Flour

New superfood with highest amount of resistant starch which acts like a prebiotic. High in Dietary fiber, rich in Potassium & great for gut health ; it is an ideal replacement for any flour in "Gluten free " & "Vegan" recipes.

NIHKAN Pancake & Waffle Mix

A nourishing unique blend of 100% natural, Plant based & super food ingredients : Green banana flour and Sorghum Flour. No sugar. No dairy. No Refined flour. Gluten free & Vegan.

NIHKAN Gluten Free Cookies

A combination of ancient superfoods - Green Banana Flour, Finger Millet & Amaranth. These delicious gluten free cookies have the right amount of carbs and a whole lot of fiber. Committed to your health & taste buds.

Sprouted Foods by NIHKAN

Why Sprouting? The difference..

Sprouting is a process where seeds & grains when soaked in water for a certain period of time, germinate, causing their outer layers to tear open and allowing a young shoot to blossom activating all the nutrients. Sprouts are real life Vitamins, Minerals, proteins & enzymes which increases the nutritive value of the ingredients, and provides better sweet aroma taste & smooth texture. 

Why Dehydrated Sprouts?

As sprouts are a powerhouse of nutrition & renowned for their health benefits – Boosts your immunity, Helps in weight loss, aids in digestion & many more. But what if you don’t have enough time to choose the best grains and do sprouting on your own. Or you are not sure of buying readymade fresh sprouts from your local market as you are not sure of the water hygienic factors.

NihKan uses top-quality grains which are dehydrated using Solar conduction drying technology (SCD).  This technology enhances the nutritional absorption of the protein rich beans & nutritious grains. Sprouting is done using Food safety measures & hygienic environment ensuring no microbial contamination & delivering highest quality. Being Gluten-free, 100% plant based, no added preservatives and flavours, NihKan’s dehydrated sprouts get ready in 5 mins & are nutrition-packed food perfect for kids, adults, and everyone. 

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Why Sprouted Flours?

NIHKAN has been an industry innovator offering the best solutions for healthier you. 
Sprouted flours digest more like vegetables than starches, the nutrients are more bio-available and the taste is amazing. 

When whole grains are sprouted properly, they are converted into a more digestible food. As the grain sprouts, it begins to turn into a plant, and plants are vegetables. Vegetables are some of the easiest-to-digest foods because they do not use pancreatic enzymes to break down.

Use one-for-one in place of most conventional flour for all your flour needs. 

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Try NIHKAN Sprouted Foods

NIHKAN Sprouted flour - Super Millets Mix

Blend of 100% Sprouted Millets- Finger Millet, Pearl Millet, Sorghum, Buckwheat & Foxtail Millet

NIHKAN Sprouted flour - Super Legumes Mix

Blend of 100% Sprouted Lentils - Chickpea, Brown chickpea, Mung bean, Moth Bean, Black eyed pea, Red Lentil & Horse Gram

NIHKAN Dehydrated Sprouts - Mung Beans

Blend of 100% Sprouted Mung Bean

NIHKAN Dehydrated Sprouts - Super 7 Grain Mix

Blend of 100% Sprouted Mix Grains like Mung beans, Moth beans, Black eyed peas, Finger millets , Alfalfa, Horse gram & Red lentil.

Rising trend of adding "High Protein High fibre" flours in baking by food producers, professionals and home bakers for great tasting, better texture and more for healthier foods.

NIHKAN Sun-Dehydrated Vegetable Powders

Nihkan’s 100% Natural vegetable powders are combination of convenience & nutrition. They eliminates the hassle of peeling & cutting the vegetables and reduces the overall preparation & cooking time. Overall happy cooking experience without compromising on health & taste. 

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