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India ranks as the second largest producer of Fruits and Vegetables in the world. Processing of fruits and vegetables has become very important to minimise the agricultural wastage and cater to the significantly growing demand of processed food for busy hectic Lifestyles. Its a natural wonder to use the best planet-friendly & time honoured process of Sun dehydration to dry the fresh produce and process it for

Ready to Use & “Ready to Cook” consumption. Also blends well with the Indian government’s mission for ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

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Healthy I Nutritious I Wholesome

BANANAS:  A High Potential 

Food Ingredient 


Among the world’s leading fruit crops.

(Use in Un-Ripe or Ripe form)


Banana normally has a short shelf life and start deteriorating just after plucking. The quality of the bananas get further lowered during transhipment to the markets. Over and above over ripening is also a big problem. In order to overcome these problems, the processing of bananas must be encouraged. 

“Raw Green Banana flour” – The most healthiest way to enjoy the benefits of this tropical fruit. It has joined the superfood league as it has  highest amount of resistant starch in it. High in Dietary Fibre, Rich in Potassium. It is an ideal replacement for “Gluten free recipes” & excellent for Gut health. 

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“Ripe Dried Bananas” (known as Banana figs) – Sun-Dehydrated ripe bananas are far more concentrated source of calories and nutrients than the source fruit. They are about four times higher in fibre, potassium, carbohydrates, sugar and calories than the fresh variety. Can be used as a natural food ingredient for sweet banana flavouring without addition of artificial sweetness. 

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Evolution of Convenience in your kitchen



The growth of sun-dehydrated vegetable powders is driven by changing consumer preferences towards food products who are looking for convenient cooking options along with Taste without impacting their health factors. 

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Why Choose NihKan Sun-Dehydrated Powders?

No Added Preservatives or Chemicals

Food products are dried and grinded without any intervention of chemical & electronic methods. There are no preservatives or chemicals added in the process. 

All Natural with Sun-Dried Goodness

NihKan products are naturally sun-dried in the “Sun-Dehydration-Facility” which preserves the naturality of the original product with an amazingly satisfying taste and ease of use. 

No Added Colour or Flavour

There is no addition of any kind of additives or artificial colours or flavours. The drying and grinding process yields granular powdery textured product with original flavour. 

Quick & Hassle-Free

With food powders cooking at home is quick, and super convenient with no peeling & cutting. Prepare and enjoy the tasty and nutritious home-cooked food with minimal preparation time without compromising on health

Real Taste

Sun Dehydrated food products retain the nutritional value and are equally healthy. Full of fibre, vitamins, minerals and  low in fat, they are just like the raw product. Moreover, the drying process enhances the flavours.

Travel Friendly

Sun Dehydrated foods are a perfect choice when travelling. Lightweight, they are easy to carry and occupy very little space. They are perfect to make a quick meal specially when travelling with kids.

Healthy cooking

In cooking, we need oil to sauté the vegetables, but one can cook food absolutely without oil using sun dehydrated food powders as they don’t require much cooking as of their dried super concentrated form.

Tested and Approved

Our products are carefully selected from the farms and hand crafted in our ISO 22000 facility and quality assessed using best in class practices.

Long Shelf-Life

Sun Dehydration is in itself a process of preservation which protects the food product, keeps the nutrients intact and ensures its freshness over a long period of time.  

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