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Nihkan Recipes

  1. Green banana flour doesn’t taste like ripe bananas. It is not sweet, so don’t use it like a replacement for ripe bananas.
  2. You can replace NIHKAN Green banana flour which is high in resistant starch as a natural Gluten free starch in Gluten Free cooking & baking.
  3. Gluten free flours absorbs more water than wheat based flour, due to their high starch /fibre content, which results in a higher water absorption capacity. So if you are using it as a replacement in a recipe for grain flours, recommendations are to use 25-30% less and more water.
  4. You can mix banana flour with other gluten free flours like almond/coconut /millet flours for better taste & texture.In Baking Gluten free & Vegan breads, a low protein & high fibre flour gives better texture & taste.. We recommend using NIHKAN Sprouted Super Millet flour along with NIHKAN Green Banana flour
  5. In Baking high protein Gluten free & Vegan savoury dishes, a high protein flour is a good substitute for the gluten element in the dough. We recommend using NIHKAN Super Legumes mix flour or NIHKAN Chickpea flour.
  6. In Baking with Gluten free flours, use thick sticky batter, rather than a dough. Please do read our blog on how to use sprouted flours. USE OF SPROUTED FLOURS IN BAKING

Millet Bread

1 cup Nihkan Super Millet flour 2 tsp active dry yeast 1 tsp sugar (or honey) 1 cup water heated...

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