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Food is like an art form, where every foodie, baker, and chef is keen to create something new and innovative. Research studies have been conducted on how food not only plays a major energy providence role for the body, but is also crucial for mood enhancement. However, with modernization comes food adulteration that causes few ingredient intolerance for people round the globe, which can make everyday food choices difficult. The origin of our brand’s name, “NihKan”,  is a combination of Sanskrit & English words, which  means ‘the one who brings good things’. Our logo depicts the oneness of Indian traditional foundations & methodologies with modern Global,Innovative Food practices. NihKan’s story kicked off when I traveled with my family to Jalgaon, a small town in Maharashtra. On a Sunday morning, we were relaxing at a farm when we noticed some fruits & vegetables drying in the sun. When asked why they were sun-drying them, the field workers mentioned that it was for regular domestic consumption. This immediately took us back to the times when we had read and researched about how our ancestors used the same process to enhance the quality of farm produce. Sun-drying was a common practice for drying cereal grains & storing them to induce long shelf lives.
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Kanika Nandurdikar

Our Sustainable Model

Food sustainability refers to the concept of producing edible items using an approach that is eco-friendly, supports local farmers and improves the quality of life in communities where the food is produced. Sustainability forms one of the key principles or pillars of Nihkan.

At NihKan, we are taking big steps towards sustainability and the reduction of carbon footprint by using fully recyclable (low density polyethylene – Grade 4) stand up pouches for packaging our products. Some of the eco-conscious steps that we are integrating in our journey include: using plastic-free tapes, paper fillers in corrugated packaging boxes, and paper bags for bundling the products together. Additionally, we work closely with farming communities to source premium-quality ingredients. Our Green Banana Flour and Sprouted Grain Flour are produced by dehydration using the ancient Solar Conduction Drying (SCD). The SCD process is a 100% natural and sustainable technology that conserves energy and retains the nutritional quality of the produce. 

NihKan follows the highest-grade food safety measures as well as processes in a BRCS certified hygienic environment. This ensures that our foods are free from microbial contamination and that we deliver the highest quality products.

NihKan, Delivering special dietary foods in tasty forms

Living in this modern era, having hands on unprocessed food is a task. We focus on providing solutions to the processed food items. 

Our vision is to become a Global brand for specialty dehydrated foods that are 100% Natural, provide nutritional benefits and are delicious. We aim to bring innovation & creativity to the Baking, Vegan, Plant-based & Snack food industries. 

We aim to deliver our food items to a Global pool of customers with the 3Cs of the consumer segment – ‘Concern’ & ‘Condition’ & ‘Convenience.’ Additionally, we also cater to people preferring special diets for:

  1. Gluten allergies/food intolerances 
  2. Gut health problems
  3. Obesity issues
  4. Nutritional deficiencies
  5. Weight management
  6. Integrating Nutrition among children
  7. Lifestyle disorders
  8. Supporting plant-based sustainability
  9. Consuming convenient & healthy food products

NihKan to be a naturally evolved nutrition packed food choice for everyone

To combine health and age-old techniques, promoting value-added nutrition and wellness.

Nihkan understands the challenges of consumers who have diet restrictions either due to lifestyle choices or conditions such as celiac disease, gluten intolerance, gluten sensitivity, and lactose intolerance. Our products are vegan and produced using sustainable methods, making them eco-friendly. We aim to make lives easier for people who follow special diets and find limited options in the market. Nihkan’s food items mention the actual proportions of ingredients and offer several health benefits.

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Ingredients Are 100% Naturally Processed

The sun-drying methodology in a hygienic natural closed environment preserves the nature of the original products and their amazingly satisfying taste.

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Preservative & Chemical Free Formulations

There are absolutely no additives or artificial colours or flavours in our products. The drying and grinding process yields granular powdery textured product packed with original flavour.

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Healthy & Nutritious

Our dehydrated food products retain the nutritional value and are equally healthy. Loaded with fibre, vitamins, minerals and low in fat, they are just like the raw product. However, the sun drying process also enhances the natural flavour.

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Convenient & Longer Shelf Lives With Locked Nutrition

NihKan offers nutritious, home-cooked food items requiring minimal preparation time without compromising on health or nutritional benefits.

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Portable For Trips

Being Lightweight and Easy to cook NihKan products are a perfect choice when traveling.

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Mouth-Watering & Delectable

FSSAI & FDA certified, our products are nutritious, yet delicious in taste.

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