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Gluten Free Banana Flour used as Thickener in Soups & Pasta Sauces

5 Minutes Only
2-5 Ingredients


  • For thickening soups & gravies :

    2 tbsp Nihkan Banana Flour

    For making pasta creamy white sauces :

    1/2 cup Nihkan Banana Flour
    Water + Milk 1 cup
    2tbsp oil
    salt, pepper & sugar – 1tsp
    1/2 cup grated cheese



    1. Ideal replacement for corn starch/corn flour for soups & gravies. 
    2. Ideal replacement for all-purpose flour for pasta creamy white sauces.


For thickening soups & gravies :

  1. In a bowl, whisk together NihKan Banana flour with 1/2 cup water , make a batter which is slightly thinner in consistency.
    2. Add this slurry in soups or Chinese gravies to thicken them.

For making pasta creamy white sauces :

1. Heat a pan, add oil, add Banana flour and roast for 1 min.
2. Then add milk & water mix and stirr continuously so that no lumps are formed. You can use blender in case there are lumps.
3. Add salt, pepper, sugar & grated cheese to make creamy white sauce.

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