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The goodness of humble sprouted grains

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The goodness of humble sprouted grains

Health Benefits of Sprouted Grains 

Sprouted grains are lower in starch than regular grains and higher in protein, vitamins and minerals. Research is still being done on their health benefits, but scientists have identified some promising findings, such as:

  1. Diabetes-fighting properties
  2. Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease
  3. Better health for nursing mothers (decreased depression and fatigue)
  4. Protection against fatty liver disease
  5. Easier digestibility
  6. Increase in key nutrients
  7. Lower blood pressure levels

Are sprouted grains better than normal grains?

Sprouted grains have many health benefits. It’s the result of catching the sprouts during the germinating process. This germinating process breaks down some of the starch, which makes the percentage of nutrients higher. It also breaks down phytate, a form of phytic acid that normally decreases absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body. It may help people who are sensitive to digesting grains. Sprouted grains have more available nutrients than mature grains. Those nutrients include folate, iron, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, and protein. Sprouted grains also may have less starch and be easier to digest than regular grains. sprouted grains are simply whole-grain seeds that have just begun to sprout. In order to catch the sprouts at just the right moment in the growing process, whole-grain seeds are typically soaked and then nurtured in environments with controlled amounts of warmth and moisture.

Sprouts are a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids which regulate cholesterol levels in your body. In short, it supplies you with HDL cholesterol which is good for your body. Sprouts improve heart health by lowering bad cholesterol levels and increasing good cholesterol levels.

Sprouted grains are thought to be rich in minerals and nutrients, and more and more people are exploring their health benefits.


Source of Vegetarian Protein:

As more & more people are going towards vegetarian diets, sprouted lentils & millets, provides them with essential nutrients. The sprouting process removes the natural barrier of grains and activates starch, protein and lipid degrading enzymes that pre-digest a grain, seed or pulse increasing nutrient bio-availability.

The magic of Sprouted flours

The Dehydrated sprouted grains are ground into flour and are ready to use in various recipes. 

Major advantages of Sprouted Flours:

  • Suppression of anti-nutrient – whole grains, seeds and beans are a good source of nutrition but in their natural form they contain phytic acid, an enzyme that inhibits our digestive systems from fully absorbing the nutrients of the seeds. The sprouting process reduces the phytic acid content dramatically. Sprouting converts the nutrients which are already in the seed into a more bio-available form for our bodies.
  • Great Source of Vegetarian Protein
  • Easily Digestible – Improves gut health
  • Increased Nutrient Content: the sprouting process increases nutrients like protein, folate and vitamins; sprouted food is a rich source of anti-oxidants; sprouting transforms the nutrient profile and increases bio-availability.
  • Improves Texture – sprouted grains, seeds and beans make flour which produces light, soft and fluffy baked goods.
  • Improves Flavour – enhanced natural flavours; sprouting reduces naturally occurring bitterness (saponin); it converts complex starch into simple sugars, and sprouted grains develop a lighter, nuttier flavour. Sprouted foods have richer more complex flavours.
  • Ancient Practice – safe and sure sprouted foods have been with us since ancient times. Bringing back ancient cultural practices narrows the gap between modern food choices and traditional preparation techniques.
  • World-wide reach – evidence of soaking and sprouting has been found in diverse cultures across the world. Sprouting is resurging as food is prepared in a slow, thoughtful manner – traditional ways appeal.

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