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Flour is the most important ingredient in Baking & today, bakeries are focusing on healthy alternatives to all-purpose flour and sprouted flour is gaining fast importance.

Saying that sprouted flour is better for you than regular flour is not puffery—there are scientific reports to support this claim.
The natural process of sprouting stimulates enzymes that break down the starch in the grains which increases the bioavailability of vitamins and nutrients it contains. This, in turn, makes sprouted whole grains—and flour made from them—easier to digest.

Beyond the nutrition content and easy digestion benefits of sprouted flour, there are further reasons to use sprouted flour.

Reduced Fermentation Time 

Acclaimed Chef Peter Reinhart discovered that the fermentation time with sprouted flours is drastically lower due to the enzymes & in commercial industry this results in increased productivity and savings. The fact that you are able to achieve the full flavour without pre-ferments or use overnight fermentation results in increased production in less time using less material

Improved Flavour

When sprouted flour is combined with water and minimal ingredients, it takes minimal mixing or kneading to form a dough Kneading the dough creates oxidation which in the end reduces the flavour in the bread

Other Properties

In baking and sensory studies, bread prepared from sprouted flour is less bitter and has enhanced loaf volume than bread made from unsprouted flour. Studies also show that bread made from sprouted flour needs less water to form a dough with good consistency. Furthermore, along with the increased height, the bread is softer, has more tender crumbs & stays longer.

This holds for even the bread are made using a combination of regular whole wheat flour and sprouted flours. As per the existing research papers, adding as little as 2% sprouted to regular unsprouted flour increases the strength of the dough and improves loaf volume.

If you want to make softer, light whole grain bread that tastes sweeter, toasts and grills with a richer flavor, and stays fresh for longer, sprouted flours are your new secret ingredient!

Here are some more benefits of sprouted grain bread.

  1. Improved Nutritional Value
  2. Lower carb content may help in Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Control
  3. Increased absorption of nutrients
  4. Easier to Digest Due to Higher Enzyme. For those who have digestive problems, consuming sprouted wheat is the best thing that can heal the problem
  5. Easier way to increase protein in your diet
  6. Better health for nursing mothers (decreased depression and fatigue)
  7. Protection against fatty liver disease

So when it comes to shifting to healthier choices about flours in the baking industry, Who wouldn’t make the switch to sprouted.


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