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Why Nihkan Green Banana Flour

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Why Nihkan Green Banana Flour

The humble green banana has already shown to be a rising wellness superstar. It is slowly but steadily joining the superfoods wagon in India due to its numerous health benefits. Green bananas contain essential minerals and nutrients that convert fat into energy, which helps increase body metabolism. They also contain nutrients like vitamin B6 which helps increase enzyme breakdown and thus boosts your metabolism. This flour is rich in fibre, potassium, magnesium,

Green bananas are peeled, chopped, gently dried using sun-dehydration methodology and then grounded into flour. The green banana process requires 8-10kg of raw green bananas to produce 1kg of banana flour. Our process ensures the highest quality, ethically produced, gluten free and vegan versatile and most of all highly nutritious flour. 

Amazing uses of the new superfood

Gluten-free Flour: Use as standalone gluten-free flour or in baking mixes
Thickener: Its high starch content makes it excellent as a binder and thickener in soups and sauces.
Condiments: Can be include in making mayonnaise. Use banana flour to thicken salad dressings. One tablespoon is plenty to thicken one cup of salad dressing.
Drinks: Add a few spoonsful as a supplement to smoothies and other drinks to get the maximum benefits of resistant starch.
Baby food: green banana flour, especially from organic farms is a popular ingredient in baby food. It is widely used in India and is expected to spread in the Middle East.

Benefits of Green Banana Flour 

No chances of contamination – As banana plantations are always in all together separate area on bigger trees, the chances of cross contamination with other cereals are not there. Making it perfect for consumption by high-sensitive Gluten allergic consumers.
Heart health- It is an excellent source of potassium which helps to control the electrical activity of the heart. It also helps lower cholesterol and aids nerve and muscle activity.
Diabetic friendly- Since the young bananas are picked before they ripen, their sugar content never fully develops. Hence, they are lower in natural sugars.
Ideal for weight watchers- The resistant starch in green bananas slows the release of food through the gut. This slows the insulin response and prevents that sugar spike and consequent sugar crash. Thus, ensuring that we feel fuller for a longer period of time and avoid binging on unhealthy snacks in between meals.
Aids in digestion- The high content of prebiotic fibre in banana flour helps to support the good bacteria present in the gut, bowel, and colon. This, in turn, promotes a healthy digestion and bowel movement.
Inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria- RS II, (Resistant Starch subtype II) present in green banana flour, breaks down into short chain fatty acids & raises the pH level of the large intestine which creates adverse conditions for pathogenic bacteria while favouring the growth of beneficial bacteria.
Increases absorption of minerals– Especially calcium which can aid in preventing Osteoporosis.
Promotes colon health- Resistant starch increases faecal bulking which promotes colon health and also acts as a re-hydrating agent for those suffering from diarrhoea.
Gluten Free- Ideal for those suffering from gluten intolerance especially since it behaves very similar to wheat flour and serves as an ideal replacement in wheat containing recipes.
VEGAN – As it is a fruit powder, can be used in all Vegan diets.




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