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Month: March 2024

whole grain 2

Food industry moving towards whole grains.

A grain is called a whole grain if it contains the three parts of a seed the bran, germ, and endosperm. Whole grains are divided into two categories – cereals and pseudo cereals. Cereals include of cereal grasses like wheat, oats,…

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What are food sensitivities?

A food sensitivity is a delayed, non-life-threatening immune reaction to a specific food or foods. Unlike a food allergy, the symptoms of a food sensitivity can be delayed for a few days after ingesting the food. It’s possible for people with…

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sprouted ragi

What happens after we sprout millets?

The super power of millets is not hidden anymore from the world. It has gained its place in the culinary world again.  They have gained significant popularity in recent years due to their extraordinary nutritional benefits. Among various ways to consume…

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pancake 2

Are Pancakes Healthy?

Getting a good head start on your day means eating a healthy breakfast, but with so many choices, finding healthy choices can be puzzling. Pancakes are a hearty breakfast food, providing a high quantity of carbohydrates and a range of vitamins…

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