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Nihkan – Natural and Healthy Wholesome Foods

Our BackgroundWhy NihKan?

NihKan, a woman-owned business, falls under a business category that supports sustainability. We have been Awarded as one of the Top 10 Dehydrated food start-ups in India’ 2022 by Industry Outlook.

Our range of products includes Gluten-Free Flour and 100% Plant-based Superfoods. What makes our products different are the sources, ingredients, and techniques. For instance, the green bananas we utilize undergo dehydration to produce the healthy & versatile varieties of flour. The same technique is also applied to produce ready-to-eat Sprouted Millets & Lentils, and Sprouted flours. 


Produce high protein & fiber-rich “Ready to Cook” products for people suffering from Gluten Allergies/ Food Intolerances, that can be included in their daily diet for wholesome meals

Believe in cultivating good food habits in the form of power-packed foods for your child’s health.

Integrate traditional practices of using Solar drying methods to promote Planet-Friendly, yet modern food choices.

Utilize a diverse range of Indigenous Ingredients like Super Food Millets & Legumes for providing alternative proteins & fulfilling complete nutrition requirements. These are especially beneficial for people who are on a Vegetarian/ Vegan/ Special diet.

An eco-friendly supply chain, carefully farmed ingredients, & utilizing Recyclable packaging for sustainability.

Our product contains Zero Additives & Preservatives.

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Featured ProductGreen Banana Flour


A Great Choice for every kind of diet; suitable for Gluten Free, Paleo, and Vegan diets. It's ideal for baby food as well.


Foods that have a low glycaemic index slowly raise a person’s blood glucose level, in comparison to those with moderate or high glycaemic index. They also promote weight loss and blood sugar regulation, and lower the risk of conditions like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.


Unlike ripe bananas, green banana flour has a mild earthy taste, making it a perfect healthier alternative to processed flours.


Green bananas are rich in starch and as they ripen, the starch gets converted into sugar.


Rich in Prebiotic fibre which is important for promoting gut health. As resistant starch ferments in your large intestine, good bacteria is created, boosting your overall gut health.


High in Dietary Fibre & Resistant Starch. You can add it to gravies or sauces for thickening & enhancing nutritional profiles. It can also be mixed into shakes and smoothies for additional iron, potassium and beneficial resistant starch.

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