NIHKAN Dehydrated Sprouts – Mung Bean

Gluten Free | Vegan | Paleo | Plant Based 

100% Natural | No Added Preservatives

Nihkan’s dehydrated Mung bean sprouts is an instant meal option which gets ready in 5 mins. It is nutrition-packed super food which provides a balanced wholesome meal. It is High in Protein & rich in fiber and nutrients.
Ready Dehydrated Sprouts saves your time of sprouting of 2-3 days and gives you convenience of instant cooking.
250 g Dehydrated Moong beans rehydrates into 750 g (+) moong beans for actual consumption.



Sprouting is a process where seeds & grains when soaked in water for a certain period of time, germinate, causing their outer layers to tear open and allowing a young shoot to blossom activating all the nutrients.   The sprouts are then dehydrated using Solar conduction drying technology which enhances absorption of nutrients.  Sprouts are real life Vitamins, Minerals, proteins & enzymes which increases the nutritive value of the ingredients, and provides better taste & are great for digestive health.

Shelf life – 12 months

Steps to Make –
– for a serving size 50 g
step 1 – Boil 200ml of water for 50 g dehydrated sprouts.
step 2 – Add quantity as required
step 3 – Boil for 5-10 mins as per your choice of crunchiness
step 4 – Drain water and add spices , herbs & veggies as per your taste & serve.
Tip* – You can make healthy & nutritious salads. Or use them in sprouted lentil soups & gravies.  You can also make your choice of fillings or toppings in crepes & sandwiches.
Key Highlights:
  • Great Source of  Natural Vegetarian Protein: Eating Sprouted Moong Grains gives you 28% protein per 100gm.
  • Saves your time & Super convenient : Ready Dehydrated Sprouts saves your time of sprouting of 2-3 days and gives you convenience of instant meal cooking. Boil for 5-10 mins as per your liking of crunchiness.
  • Powerhouse of Nutrients: The little germinated seeds are regarded as nutritional powerhouses due to their high vitamin and mineral content. They are low in calories, rich in protein, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese and vitamins C and K.
  • Concept of Dehydrated Grains: Less is More.  250 g Dehydrated Moong beans rehydrates into 750 g (+) for actual consumption.
  • Enhances natural flavours – Sprouting process reduces naturally occurring bitterness. It also converts complex starch into simple sugars, making sprouted grains taste sweeter. Grains develop lighter, nuttier and more earthy flavours.
  • Easier for Digestion : Great for Gut health
  • Improve the nutrient content of your meals– sprouted food is a rich source of anti-oxidants; sprouting transforms its nutrient profile and increases bio-availability
  • Ancient Practice & Sustainable Solution : NIHKAN brings ancient cultural practices alive and narrows the gap between modern food choices and traditional preparation techniques with sustainability.
  • World-wide reach – evidence of soaking and sprouting has been found in diverse cultures across the world. Sprouting is resurging as food prepared in a slow, thoughtful manner – traditional ways appeal.

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